Teether Toy

b is for ball™ is your baby's 3-in-1 teething superstar! Crafted from 100% food-grade silicone, free of BPA and plastic, and rigorously tested for teether-related safety by CPSC. This unique ball features a teething cap, an adorable teething 'mushroom,' and a teether ball—all in one!

Sensory Ball For Babies & Toddlers

Experience a world of sensory wonders with b is for ball™! As babies play, they discover textures and shapes, enhancing their tactile and visual perception. The squeezable design promotes grip strength and dexterity, setting the stage for fine motor skills.

Water & Bath Toy

Dive into the magic of bath time with our easy-to-clean b is for ball™ toy! Experience endless water play that transforms each splash into an exciting exploration. Plus, take the fun beyond the tub and bring it to the playground for a joyous water squirt event.

Fine & Gross Motor Skills Toy

b is for ball™ doesn't just aid tiny fingers in fine motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination—it's crafted to inspire movement, balance, and whole-body coordination, fostering the development of gross motor skills.

Puzzle & Stacking Toy

Dive into the world of cognitive growth with our b is for ball™. Not only are they perfect for stacking fun, but they also present an exciting puzzle for your little ones to solve. And let's not forget the epic high-fives when they conquer the cap-closing challenge around 2-3 years old!

Developmental Toy For Babies & Toddlers

Step into a universe of exploration and growth with our carefully designed developmental toy, tailored to nurture your baby's emerging skills and curiosity at many stages of development.

Open Ended Toy For Babies & Toddlers

Dive into a realm where play has no boundaries with our b is for ball™. This meticulously designed open-ended toy is a playground of imagination, evolving with your child's growing curiosity and developmental milestones.

Biggest Little b is for ball™ - 2-ball Set | Montessori box
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b is for ball™ is NO ordinary plaything; it's your trusted nanny for soothing a fussy baby, an entertaining companion for your little learner, a gentle and non-toxic teething aid, and a open-to-clean, dishwasher-safe magician of bath-time fun that guarantees countless giggles. As they grow, take it to the beach and the playground for endless splish, splash, and squirting adventures.

At Biggest Little, our non-toxic products were born from a quest to find something we could trust for our little ones. We believe that the objects our children play with should be beautiful both inside and out. 

It brings peace of mind, whether you're a first-time mom or a seasoned pro. Crafted from 100% FDA-compliant food-grade silicone; Free of plastic, BPA, and phthalates; Hypoallergenic; dishwasher and sterilizer safe.