Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is Biggest Little a Brooklyn brand?

What is b is for ball™?

What is b is for ball™ made of?

What’s the suitable age to use b is for ball™?

How is b is for ball™ different from other ball toy?

How long have we tested b is for ball™ to know it’s a blast for all kids (babies, toddlers, big kids)?

Play Related Questions

What kind of marker can be used to draw on b is for ball™?

Is b is for ball™ helpful for children with sensory processing issues?

Who is the oldest kid jury who puts a stamp of approval on b is for ball™?

I have a 3 year old and 6, would they find these fun?

Cleaning & Care

Can I clean the inside of the ball, and how?

Is it okay to sterilize or freeze b is for ball™? Can it be put in the dishwasher?

Any tips for cleaning if I keep them in the bathroom?

Can I hand wash b is for ball™?

How do I clean drawings off b is for ball™?

Sustainability Questions

Is this a zero-plastic product?

What material is our packaging made of?