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Bath Time Fun
Open-Ended Playtime Fun

The World's Most Elegant and Versatile Baby Ball

Why test a million different baby toys when you can have ONE your baby loves?

Introducing b is for ball™ - the simplest and most elegant baby ball toy that transforms to meet your baby's growing developmental needs. Ultra-safe and eco-consciously made without any plastic. Tested by hundreds of families and proudly approved by pediatric experts.

Try it to believe it
Kids showcases 7 ways to play b is for ball™ including a teether,  bath toy, water play, stacking, and other creative play

Spotted in

"...One of our favorite features about the b is for ball™ set is its packaging..."

"...Simplicity at its finest!"

"...a thoughtful plaything designed to meet a child's development right where they are..."

"...You no longer have to worry about mold because these toys are easy to clean... "

"...b is for ball™ offers oodles of open-ended play for baby with finger dexterity training, water play, stacking and balance, even puzzle skills..."

Our North Star

We dislike clutter, so we leverage the power of design to help you avoid it.

We believe in the imaginative power of our children, so we go the extra mile to make our products as simple as possible to realize their full potential.

We recognize the importance of design education and believe it begins with every object we curate in the space we live together.

We believe in true sustainability, where durability and good design withstand the test of time.

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