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Kids showcases 7 ways to play b is for ball™ including a teether,  bath toy, water play, stacking, and other creative play

Spotted in

"...You no longer have to worry about mold because these toys are easy to clean. They work great as a teether, are fun for bathtime, and entertain your little ones... "

"...One of our favorite features about the b is for ball™ set is its packaging, which helps with hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, and fine motor skills..."

"...b is for ball™ offers oodles of open-ended play for baby with finger dexterity training, water play, stacking and balance, even puzzle skills..."

"...Simplicity at its finest!"

"...a thoughtful plaything designed to meet a child's development right where they are..."

Embracing Simplicity
for Deeper Bonds

We believe in safe and simple designs. Rather than limiting, they invite your child to explore, create, and learn in their unique way. Instead of cluttering, they elevate your living space, simplify cleaning and parenting, and preserve your energy to connect and open your mind to the boundless potential of your child.

Safe, Simple & Versatile
Foster Creativity & Connection
happy interaction with eye contact between mother and her baby boy while playing with an orange toy ball by biggest little™