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Bath Time Fun
Open-Ended Playtime Fun

Packing The Fun of 7 Toys in a Ridiculously Simple Ball

b is for ball™ is an ultra-safe and versatile toy not only packs the excitement of many toys into one but also minimizes clutter and cleaning hassle, allowing your family to focus on joyful moments together while embracing eco-conscious living.

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Kids showcases 7 ways to play b is for ball™ including a teether,  bath toy, water play, stacking, and other creative play

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"...One of our favorite features about the b is for ball™ set is its packaging..."

"...Simplicity at its finest!"

"...a thoughtful plaything designed to meet a child's development right where they are..."

"...You no longer have to worry about mold because these toys are easy to clean... "

"...b is for ball™ offers oodles of open-ended play for baby with finger dexterity training, water play, stacking and balance, even puzzle skills..."

Our North Star

We believe in the power of safe, simple, and versatile design.

For kids, it empowers them to unleash their imagination, exploring freely and learning at their own rhythm.

For you, the parent, it simplifies daily routines, safeguarding a peace of mind and allowing you to cultivate deeper, heartfelt connections with your child.

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