b is for ball™ began as a passion project between our founder and her daughter looking for a fun and unique alternative to traditional water toys

The 3-year-old ’s drawing of a water toy inspired us to turn the concept into a beautifully designed and high-quality product for families everywhere.

Mom is smiling at her baby boy who is holding an orange bath toy ball

Biggest Little was founded with a simple goal in mind: to create toys that nurture parent-child bond through playful interaction.

We design open-ended children's products that are simple, elegant, and versatile to bring happiness to every family and cultivate a sense of love and togetherness.

To love, to play, to Grow, and to have fun together as a family
To love, to play, to Grow, and to have fun together as a family

Our Journey

After experiencing parental burnout and recognizing the benefits of minimalistic parenting, I realized the impact my mental capacity has on connecting with my children. Had I not undergone the beautiful mind-clearing experience of donating all the overstimulated toys and embarked on the minimalist parenting journey, the conversation that sparked the beginning of b is for ball™’s design journey would have been neglected, and it would have never blossomed into something purposeful.

We believe that a toy needs to be well-designed to suit the growing mind of a child as much as it does to simplify a parent’s job of cleaning, decluttering, and maintaining the toy. We also takea step further by adding joy to parents’ living spaces.

We want parents to associate joy and a free spirit when they play with their child using our toy, rather than the pain and stress of cleaning up and the shame of clutter when they invite friends and family over. We believe that the mental capacity of a parent plays a pivotal role in forming that deep, meaningful, and emotionally-rich bond with our children.