2 different babies are using b is for ball™ for teething.b is for ball is the perfect teething companion
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From 3-in-1 Teether to Mold-Free Bath Toy and Beyond: b is for ball™ - Rocking Minimal and Sustainable Parenting

Do you know when your little one typically starts teething? Babies usually get their first teeth between 6 to 10 months, and from there, they continue to sprout two new teeth every 2 to 4 months until they reach the age of 2.

Teething pain typically lasts for about a week before the teeth finally erupt. It's no wonder that during this time, you may observe your baby being a bit fuzzier than usual. But fear not, b is for ball™ is here to the rescue!


b is for ball™ is a 3-in-1 Teething Wonder

Made from 100% food-grade silicone and having gone through rigorous teething tests, b is for ball™ is not just an ordinary ball—it is a baby teether ball that offers three incredible teethers in a single design!

The thin cap teether, designed for easy grip, provides a delightful chewing sensation, just like biting into a delicious cookie. The ball body acts as a sensory ball for babies and encourages squeezing and other sensory exploration while providing a new way to ease teething discomforts. Additionally, gnawing on the entire ball with its textured surface offers a soothing experience, reminiscent of breastfeeding comfort, which, according to our tests, is a favorite teething method. And for an extra cooling effect, simply pop the ball into the freezer!

Teething Meets Bath Time Fun

As your baby reaches around 8 months, they often start sitting up unassisted, coinciding with their teething period. This is also the time when bath time becomes an exciting adventure. It's important to select bath toys that are safe for your little one to chew and explore while splashing around. This is when b is for ball™ can make its way into the bath with your delightful little one.

Growing Beyond Teething and Bath Time

Teething is just one milestone in your child's journey of growth and exploration. At Biggest Little, we believe in the longevity of toys and their ability to adapt to different stages. b is for ball™ is not limited to teething and bath time—it grows with your child. As they outgrow the teething stage, it transforms into a rolling ball toy, a water squeeze toy, a pouring toy, a stacker, and so much more. It's a versatile companion that encourages creativity, imagination, and continuous learning.


At Biggest Little, we understand that teething or bathing fun is only a phase of your baby's incredible journey. We're committed to offering a sustainable solution that grows with your child, embracing each developmental milestone with joy and ease.