It's much more than a bath ball

It's your trusted helper when you need a bit of downtime. Perfectly non-toxic, plastic-free, it's your little one's lasting companion. It's so open-ended that your little one might show you a trick or two that makes you go "WOAHH!"

Six creative ways to play with a detachable toy ball, from spray painting to bath time fun.

Giggly Water Fun on the Sunny Side of Town

It's pocket-sized, which means fun and giggles are coming with you to the park, on your next family vacation, and beyond.

Yes! The Package Is a Part of The Play

Inspired by the beloved Montessori toy, our unique 'L' shape packaging comes with a drawer and a peel-off top hole for your little one to use as an object permanent box toy.

It's made sustainably with FSC certified recycled paper and passes rigorous testing for heavy metals such as lead.
purple toy ball is being rinsed under the sink and placed into the top rack of dishwasher

Parents, Go Play! Leave Cleaning to The Dishwasher

Our product is impressively crafted from 100% food-grade silicone, similar to baby pacifiers.

No germs, no mold, no worries!