3 Tips to Nurture Aesthetic Sensibility in Babies
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3 Tips to Nurture Aesthetic Sensibility in Babies

The world is a canvas of colors, shapes, and textures waiting to be discovered, even by the tiniest of explorers – babies. Just as research shows that newborns naturally gravitate towards attractive faces, indicating an innate sense of aesthetics, we, as parents, yearn to instill in our children a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. But how can we introduce the wonders of art and design to babies? Here are 3 practical tips that infuse artistic exploration into their early lives.

Tip 1: Immersive Visual Stimulation

Babies are naturally drawn to bold visuals. Surround your little one with a tapestry of captivating images, from vibrant picture books to carefully curated toys, objects, decorations, and wall art. In our Summer '23 collection, we've seamlessly fused the lively hues of sunrise orange with the serene tones of tranquil lilac, mirroring the embrace of dawn's warmth and the calm of a summer sky at dusk. Taking cues from nature's palette, these artful contrasts stir babies' senses, encouraging aesthetic awareness and laying a visual foundation for their artistic exploration. 

Tip 2: Tactile Adventures Through Textures

A fundamental aspect of art is texture – a feature babies adore exploring. Introduce them to a variety of tactile sensations, which you can find abundantly in your everyday life. Compare the texture of a spring leaf to a fall leaf, feel the spiky pine cone, and experience the warmth and softness of a wool blanket. Our b is for ball™ is used as a tactile baby toy and is crafted with various tactile elements on the surface, inviting exploration through touch, sight, and even taste. This unique design encourages babies to differentiate between different graphical elements: dots, lines, and curves, fostering an understanding of the nuances that make everyday arts and forms interesting.

Tip 3: The Magic of Artful Storytelling

Narratives breathe life into art, inviting us to connect emotionally. Babies respond to storytelling from an early age. Enrich their experiences by narrating tales inspired by the art around them. Describe the hues, shapes, and emotions evoked by a particular painting or sculpture. As they grow, engage in interactive storytelling where they contribute to the narrative, fostering a sense of engagement and personal connection with art. Just as our b is for ball™ transcends mere play, becoming a companion on their journey, these stories weave an intricate tapestry of art and emotion in their developing minds.

 Art and design are not confined to galleries; they are an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. Nurturing a baby's appreciation for beauty and design involves immersing them in visual marvels, introducing them to diverse textures, and weaving artistic narratives into their world. Just as Art Appreciators embrace diverse forms of art, we can cultivate this sensibility in our little ones. Through these simple yet profound practices, we lay the groundwork for a lifelong journey of appreciating and engaging with the artistic wonders that abound. As parents, we have the privilege of igniting the spark of artistic curiosity, guiding our babies to find beauty and design in every corner of their existence, aided by the thoughtful design and principles behind Biggest Little.