Empowering Child-led Play & Exploration Through Every Developmental Stages

Infant Ball Teether

Teeth the top, teeth below, b is for ball™ reminisces the glow of precious feeding times children know! (Ultra-safe, plastic-free, and adhere to ASTM infant teether standards)

Mold-free Bath Toy

Squirty bath toys often get a bad rap for breeding mold and mildew inside. With b is for ball™, there's no need to compromise with bath toys that can't squirt! (Open for easy cleaning | Dishwasher safe)

Sensory Ball Toy

b is for ball™ can do everything a ball does plus -Its tactile surface enriches sensory learning, while its perfect bounce builds grip strength and dexterity. It's also a roly-poly for some cause-and-effect discovery!

Outdoor Water Toy

Believe or not, b is for ball™ carries some squirting horsepower - squirting water up to 9 feet away. Bring it along everywhere, and kids will always find a way to use it for water, sand, and other outdoor plays.

Peek-a-Boo Toy Box

Around 1st birthday, your baby will practice 'pulling' and discover the joys of peek-a-boo. They'll find this toy box more than attractive. The best part? Once they're done playing, recycle it! Aha, declutter!

Open-Ended Play

Watch their imagination soar and their creativity reach new heights as they grow! They can use it as a stamp, experiment with drawing on it (with water-soluble markers), build with blocks, use it as an emotional aid, and more!

Pediatric Experts Reviews

"This toy takes a traditional toy that kids love and turns it into a toy that allows them to explore it by safely mouthing as they're learning to grasp, open, poke, put in, squeeze, stack, throw, etc."

Julie Barry, SLP,Speech Language Pathologist

"b is for ball™ enhances fine motor skills, encourages bilateral hand use, and offers limitless tactile exploration opportunities in a compact design."

Elizabeth Kidney, OTR/L, Registered/Licensed Occupational Therapist

“This ball toy is an excellent item that can be used by children of many ages! Starting with infants, b is for ball™ can be used as a teether. Toddlers can use this item in the bath, in the playroom, alone, or with others. Older children can use this for creative and imaginative play - the sky's the limit!”

Brianna Maglio, M.S., CCC-SLP